Facials, Eyebrow & Eyelashes, Microdermabrasion, Acne Treatments, Anti-Aging


  • Mini Facials

    start from 11.00

    Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam or Massage, Mask and moisturising

  • Diamond Facial

    start from 40.00

    Diamond facial suits best the dull and dry skin. It also offers effective results on the ageing skin. skin-friendly ingredients that does not pose any threat to your skin. Even sensitive skin can reap the benefits of diamond facial. Diamond Scrub is known to contain diamond ash in combination with natural components, such as flower extracts, essential oils and walnuts. Remove dead cell soothes, cleanses and softens the skin. Has anti-ageing properties. It tightens the facial skin, reduce

  • Gold Facial

    start from 35.00

    Gold facial is a facial treatment that can be availed at any reputed spa or beauty salon. It includes the application of 24-carat gold foil mask which in turn, helps your skin to reap a number of benefits. The top ten benefits of gold facial are: A gold facial session activates the process of cell renewal and rejuvenates your skin It brings about a significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines It has anti-aging properties and makes your skin look youthful It is helpful in elimination of toxins

  • Pearl Facial

    start from 32.00

    Pearl facials are known to be quite suitable for oily skin types and a session of the same lasts for about 1 hour. However, it is better for beauties with sensitive skin types to avoid pearl facial as pearl powder, which is a basic constituent in pearl facial, is known to cause allergies on sensitive skin. Benefits of Pearl Facial: Some of the well-known benefits associated with pearl facials are as follows: It works wonders for brightening the skin by removing tan. It nourishes the skin

  • Non-Surgical face Lift

    start from 28.00

    Regeneration for ageing skin, reduces the signs of ageing by lifting and contouring muscles, refine pores supplying skin with vitality and new spark. Help to produce more collagen

  • Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal

    start from 45.00

    Cellulite removal/reduction can be accomplished with regular treatment using the Derma Roller System. The Derma Roller System can be used to remove/reduce cellulite commonly found on arms, buttocks, hips, legs, thighs and stomach.

  • Micro Needling Treatments

    start from 55.00

    Anti Wrinkle / Anti Ageing Treatment The Derma Roller System can be used to treat creases in the skin of the forehead (scowl lines), deep wrinkles, fine wrinkles, skin creases and lines, wrinkles around the mouth, on the neck and jaw line, the decolletes (chest), on the backs of the hands and more.

  • Enlarged Pores Treatments:

    start from 25.00

    Reduction in Enlarged Pores & Blackheads With regular use, high frequency facials can be very effective at reducing the size of enlarged pores, softening skin, controlling excess sebum production and eliminating the occurrence of blackheads. The gentle spray of oxygen molecules produced by the high frequency current diminish enlarged pores by penetrating deep down into the root of the affected area and cleaning out unwanted debris and toxins allowing the pore to quickly regain its natur

  • Acne Healing Treatments:

    start from 25.00

    Sometimes the body can become immune to certain acne medications if used over an extended period of time. When combined with an effective acne treatment lotion, regular application of high frequency keeps the acne away long after other expensive medications and treatments can fail. High frequency gently cleanses the skin of acne-causing bacteria and unwanted toxins while making the skin more receptive to acne lotions, creams and other skin treatment products. The results can be extremely

  • Skin Brightening & Pasteurising Facial

    start from 22.00

  • Luxury Facial

    start from 18.00

    Double Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steaming, Extraction, Massage, Mask and Moisturiser *A personalized facial to re-balance and nourish your skin, tailored to your skin type. All contain double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, steaming, extraction a luxury massage, a treatment mask, toner,eye Oxygen mask and moisturising. For anti-ageing, dryness, dehydration, firming and lifting.

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion:

    start from 25.00

    This treatment is excellent for the face neck, chest, back, arms and hands and is suitable for a range of skin issues including ageing skin, dry, oily, dull and congested skin, open pores and wrinkles, acne scarring and the reduction of stretch marks. A course of treatments may be beneficial and can be discussed during your consultation. The treatment is completely safe, is not painful and does not require any pre-treatment or topical anaesthetic.

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