Electrolysis is an effective hair removal process for hair that that is blonde or lacks pigment. It is suitable for both face and body and all skin types.   A small amount of electric current is delivered to the hair follicle through a very fine needle –shaped probe and this causes localised damage to the hair follicle and ultimately destroys the root.  As hair grows in different stages, i.e. growing, resting and shedding, it is necessary to treat the hair when it is in the growing stage therefore multiple treatments are usually required to obtain lasting results. Electrolysis is known as the most effective permanent hair loss system.  However, as we age, hormonal changes within our bodies affects our hair growth.  For example, hair growth slows down in certain areas like underarms and accelerates in other areas like the chin. Multiple treatments will be required to target the hair at the specific stage of its grow

We use a blend of short wave diathermy.  This causes the water molecules around the follicle to vibrate resulting in the production of heat, stopping the blood supply to the root, which weakens and eventually destroys the hair.  The galvanic method causes a chemical reaction in the salt and water in the follicle.  This reaction creates a chemical called sodium hydroxide which stops the nourishment to the cells that cause hair growth.  At the Chilston Clinic we employ a combination of both because we feel it creates the most effective efficient and comfortable method.

Electrolysis treatments do not hurt, they sting for a very short time and then it’s over.  Everyone has their own tolerance level but if you find it too uncomfortable, we can apply some numbing cream.Your normal skincare regime can resume immediatelyThe skin may have some redness after treatment but this will generally subside within 24 hours. Some aloe vera gel will be applied after treatment to cool the area.

Electrolysis (permanent hair removal)

  • Electrolysis (permanent hair removal)

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